We’re your one-stop shop for packing and shipping services.Whether you need domestic or international shipping, packing helpahead of a big move,or packaging materials, we offer a wide range of shipping options, packaging services and moving supplies.

Shipping Services

We have a variety of shipping options to meet your deadline and your budget. We offer delivery at the right speed, the right time, and the right cost for meeting and exceeding your critical shipment needs.

Let us help you with a variety of courier options, including UPS® and DHL, which offer everything from overnight to ground delivery, from domestic to worldwide. We have envelopes and boxes in various sizes, as well as custom packaging services.

Packing Services:

Our certified packing experts here at The UPS Store® can pack almost anything. We can save you time and can help ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. We specialize in properly packing fragile and high-value items, including antiques, art, electronics, crystal, china and porcelain.

The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts®:

Trust our team to help you with the right packaging and shipping solutions to get your goods where they need to be. Our certified packing experts can pack almost anything, including odd-shaped, fragile and oversized items.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Large or odd-shaped items often require specialized packaging. We can help with custom packaging solutions for your needs. Not sure where to begin? Stop by and talk to our certified packing experts today. We can advise you on the best packaging method needed for your item(s).

We know how important your packages and gifts are. That’s a fact we don’t take lightly at The UPS Store®. Certified Packing Experts pack your gifts right and we stand behind our service. Protect your package and add a Pack & Ship Guarantee service to your shipment!  Visit us for more details.

Moving Services & Supplies

We’ve got what you need to get moving:

  • professional strength moving boxes and kits in a variety of sizes
  • tape, bubble cushioning, and packaging peanuts
  • custom-made boxes for irregularly shaped items
  • Packaging Expertise for your Move

Have an upcoming move and not sure where to begin? Let us help.

We can:

  • recommend how many boxes you might need
  • provide advice on which packaging materials will work best for your items
  • custom pack fragile and odd-sized items

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